A whole new approach to crime reporting

Crimefacts is a whole new approach to crime reporting in a fast changing world. It is an initiative born out of the need for active citizen-driven intervention in every area of life in Nigeria and other developing countries presently, being systematically plundered through corporate malfeasance; besieged by violent crimes and milked dry by divers political criminalities.

In most developing countries, institutions, upon which society should thrive are crumbling and in some cases, are non-existent, as ‘institutionalized’ crimes steadily continue to corrode societal values.

Such institutions as seen in the banking industry, medical profession, legal practise and even security agencies in most developing countries of the world, largely prey on the society they pledge to serve and protect.

Against this backdrop, Crimefacts is designed to pursue a robust journalism trend; hallmarked by meticulous investigations and fearless reportage of petty crime incidents from the streets to the massive theft and looting in Government Houses; corruption in the judiciary; extortion and abuse in schools and educational facilities; violation of human rights; state-sponsored violence; domestic and cross-border terrorism; sex crimes; bank frauds, money trails on laundered assets and any criminal activity that inhibits development in the short or long run.

In all, Crimefacts, with the support of citizens, would work to put a firm check on all the faceless ‘aristocrats’, business moguls, ethno-religious extremists; political leaders and conglomerates, to whom crime is a viable enterprise.

We are interested in the trail of such criminal activities that inflict poverty and deprivation on the people; such poverty that triggers desperation and in turn leads to crime. We strongly believe that these crimes definitely precipitates into insecurity of lives, properties, jobs and careers, businesses and investments, thus evolving an  intemperate environment under which no society can thrive or develope.

The harsh impact of such criminal cycle to society, is what Crimefacts seeks to forestall by ‘calling time’ for the key players and syndicates that have continued to run the policies, economies and quality of lives in most developing countries aground.

Our news agents are scattered across the country and continents. We solicit your support and quality inputs in this people-driven effort to reclaim Nigeria, Africa and other developing nations of the world.

crimefacts is the home of investigative and human-interest journalism