Nigeria committed to energy diversification, Buhari tells world leaders at climate summit


President Muhammadu Buhari says Nigeria is undertaking programmes that will benefit the environment as part of efforts to address issues related to climate change.

Speaking during the world leaders summit on climate held on Friday, Buhari said Nigeria has rolled out several programmes since rectifying the Paris Climate agreement in 2016.

The two-day virtual climate summit was organised by US President Joe Biden to mobilise world leaders to discuss issues of climate change.

At the summit, Buhari noted that Nigeria has a target to end gas flaring by 2030, adding that steps have also been undertaken towards energy diversification.

He also maintained that his administration is committed of to galvanising “relevant stakeholders for climate exchange” and support in the attainment of Paris agreement objectives.

“As one of the most vulnerable nations, Nigeria is undertaking major environmentally sound and climate-friendly programme and treading the path of sustainability,” Buhari said.

“Since rectifying the Paris agreement in 2016, Nigeria has rolled out several policies enablers, such as institutional frameworks to cut emission by 20 percent unconditionally, and 45 percent conditionally with international support by 2030.

“We are expeditiously implementing programmes that stimulate gradual transition away from use of woods, stoves, kerosene, to liquified natural gas, biogas and electricity.

“Beyond ending gas flaring by 2030, the oil and gas sector has undertaken steps for diversification and risk management system, insurance engine, research and development and energy crisis planning.

“I reiterate Nigeria’s commitment to galvanise relevant stakeholders for climate exchange and our readiness to extend support for regional, continental and global multilateral processes for the attainment of lofty objectives of the Paris agreement.”

Buhari commended Biden for bringing world leaders together for the summit, and returning the US to the Paris climate change agreement — US had rejoined the Paris agreement on climate change in February 2021, after pulling out during the administration of former President Donald Trump.

“I will like to express profound appreciation to the president of the United States, his excellency, Joe Biden, for conveying this summit at a time the world is experiencing tremendous vulnerability from the coronavirus pandemic and climate change impact, among several other global challenges,” Buhari said.


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