Police arrest two officers over prime suspect’s escape in Oyo


Two policemen have been arrested in
connection with the escape of Sunday
Shodipe, the prime suspect in killings that
rocked Akinyele Local Government Area of
Ibadan in Oyo State , an official has said.
The Commissioner of Police, Joe Enwonwu,
told reporters this in his office on Monday.
Mr Shodipe, who was arrested in connection
with the killings, had earlier been paraded
in July along with two others.
Crimefacts reported earlier that police command in Oyo said Mr Shodipe
escaped from its custody on Sunday.
But, Mr Enwonwu while receiving the
chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ)
Oyo State Council, Ademola Babalola, in his
office on Monday, said the inspector who
was on duty when Mr Shodipe escaped and
another policeman “who released the key to
the inspector have been detained by the
Mr Enwonwu, who said the officer who was
in charge when Mr Shodipe escaped acted
on his own, insisted that any officer found
culpable in the escape would be punished
“As a matter of fact, the suspect escaped
from police custody. So, the behavior of the
inspector is best known to him. They did not
tell me until after two days.
“It was a sad incident. It could be a collusion
or out of his carelessness.
“We detained him on that day, we have tried
him. We extended the the investigation to
the person who gave him the key. The
person that gave him the key is also in
detention. There is possibility to extend the


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