Poser on the alleged conviction of Willie Amadi’s black Mailer


.….Implausible damage control story

BY FCC Jones Onwuasoanya

Where exactly in Owerri did he pick up the phone from?
It is hard to believe that Willie Amadi wouldn’t have guided his phone with a password.

When did the Nigerian Police become so fast in dispensing with criminal cases, that such matter could be handled with such dispatch?

When was the guy arrested?
Who was the Investigating Police Officer?

How come, the police never invited the guy, and simply walked into him in a bar and arrested him? How did they know he was in that bar at that time? Ok, he was tracked?
On which social media platform was the video first uploaded?
What is the name of the magistrate that heard the matter?
According to the purported confessional statement, the guy copied pictures, Willie took beside a swimming pool. What we saw in the video is motional. The video also showed Willie Amadi grimacing in obvious sexual pleasure.

The reaction of the two lesbians behind him showed that he was actually the one recording the video, which made the girl on top uncomfortable when she realized she was been filmed.
In which prison is the boy being held? Some of us will like to visit him.

The problem with the Nigerian political elite is that because most of them got to the political heights they got to through dishonest routes, they believe they can hang on there through cheap lies. They also lack respect for Nigerians, hence, they believe they can feed us with any lies, and we would believe them without thinking through the obvious falsehoods.

Willie Amadi did what most men do, but the problem is that his own escapades found its way into the public domain. He would have just kept quiet, if he cannot own it up like an honorable man and apologize for his conduct. Sponsoring this falsehood exposes him as an incorrigible fellow with no scruples.


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