There’s plan to eliminate doctors, others –Njemanze


There was unease among the doctors in Imo State as operatives from local government offices allegedly invaded their medical practices, asking them to fill certain forms.

In this interview, Prof. Philip Njemanze, former Imo State Chairman of the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN), offered insight on the issues in contention.

On the face value at least, the form appears harmless. So, what exactly is the issue? 

We do not think that the personal and biometric data such as passport photos, thumb print, phone numbers, relatives and home addresses are indices for any useful public interest research. These are data that evoke privacy concerns everywhere. The government knows that this data collection violates the right to privacy under Section 37 of the 1999 constitution. This constitutional breach is a very serious one and would be challenged in the courts under the Fundamental Human Rights violations if not abrogated immediately by government or any NGOs or development partners. We know that they are already in full breach of the constitution. They have a target to collect data on at least 30,000 Nigerian doctors but have until now about 8000. As it stands now, we are gathering data from those doctors who submitted their data, when they were deceptively threatened to be cited for non-compliance, and not fully aware of the disastrous implications. They hope to file a class action suit for several millions of US Dollars against the so-called development partners for the violations.

Why would anyone seek to eliminate Nigerian medical personnel as alleged? Is the health sector so profitable to attract big international investors? 

 Talking about profit, it depends on who you ask. Nigeria holds the key to a 30 trillion US Dollar human organ cloning market when fully explored. I will explain some of the issues now. Since India and most countries in Asia closed their doors to poaching of human organs, the western countries have shifted to Africa and particularly Nigeria, because of the large population and high level of government corruption, to establish the new human organ trafficking market. As a bridge to maintain some cheap supply of human organs, the West, particularly Spain, allowed migration through the Libyan desert to reach Europe. It is not a surprise that Spain, who received the African migrants leads the world in human organ transplantation. The steady flow of African migrants provided a cheap source of organs for transplantation from supposedly people that died in capsized boats in the Mediterranean Sea, or made to capsize by the coastguards after their organs were poached. However, this is only but a trickle of the organs needed annually by western hospitals to satisfy the high demand. In the United States, about 113,000 people are awaiting transplantation each year. In Europe, about 86,000 are awaiting kidney transplantation. Just to meet the organ transplantation needs of western countries more than 200,000 otherwise healthy Nigerians may die yearly. In the United States, the economic cost just for heart failure patient was $38 billion in 2008, which could be saved annually for the lifetime after a heart transplant. Western governments and western billionaire investors have been in the search for new sources of human organs for transplantation. Furthermore, the prospect for human organ cloning using embryonic stem cell research has raised hopes for the future. The challenge is where and how to obtain at least 100 million ovarian eggs needed for human organ cloning annually. The destination is Nigeria, where they think that the people are uninformed and the government is too corrupt. The 100 million ovarian eggs will come from 10 million Nigerian women, who may die of complications of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), including liver failure, kidney failure, cancers and infertility, among others. Poaching ovarian eggs from any woman in the western countries is totally banned by law. The entire market on human organ cloning is valued at over 30 trillion USD, one-third of the world economy. This large economic benefit cut the attention of the world leading billionaires and the top western economies, as the new western renaissance. The foreign operators of the programme would need full control of the health system of Nigeria, there must not be any Nigerian eyewitness to any organ poaching incident in any of their 260 hospitals already commenced.  The Nigerians must be wiped out of the health sector both public and private, but could be left in some 10,000 primary health facilities to treat malaria and typhoid in local dwellers and refer the rest to the big hospitals ran by foreigners.

Poaching of human organs is illegal in Nigeria? How can they operate legally? 

You are not correct to say that poaching of organs is illegal in Nigeria. On the other hand, it is legal. The National Health Act (NHAct 2014 section 51) allows doctors to poach organs from Nigerians without consent as far as they declare that it was an emergency operation overriding the consent clause in Section 48. Doctors under the same law could collect the eggs of women without consent, since in Section 20 of NHAct the gametes are exempt as tissue and organs. The NHAct 2014 (Sections 43 and 45) also ensured that the government could completely replace all the Nigerian medical personnel at any public hospital with foreign experts. Nigeria is the only country in the world that has the provisions of law that allow the killing of her citizens, for the first time in the history of humanity. This atrocity is a crime against humanity by the 7th NASS. Not even in Nazi Germany was this practice legal, that a parliament passed a law that could legally kill the citizens of Germany, even when done, it was illegal. AGPMPN objected to these sections and pointed out all the pitfalls in a memorandum to the lawmakers at the public hearings and in petitions to President Goodluck Jonathan. However, under pressure from the Americans it was passed into law in Nigeria. According to Jonathan, he was under pressure directly from President Barrack Obama.

Jonathan owes Nigerians a sincere apology for accenting to the NHAct 2014. President Muhammadu Buhari and the 8th NASS could correct this wrong by amending the NHAct 2014.

This obviously sounds horrific but how could they obtain human ovarian eggs from Nigerian women unless the women go to donate their eggs for money as some students are now doing? 

The sponsors, through several affiliated NGOs have serendipitously inserted into our food chain genetically modified (GMOs) crops deceptively labeled biofortified and flood/drought tolerant crops. Their aim is to capture the food security of Nigeria and to control GMO seed distribution to farmers. They hiked prices of GMO cotton seeds in India, that caused suicide of 250,000 Indian farmers, who could not afford the seeds. In Nigeria, it would be worse. It could hike the price of the GMO seeds, which by the way, are poisonous and cause mass infertility. If the Nigerian farmers cannot pay cash, they could be asked to get your wives and daughters to donate their ovarian eggs in exchange for the GMO seeds. This is what is known as the food for ovarian egg programme. The programme would exchange ovarian eggs taken at in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics from Nigerian women for GMO seeds for food. The ovarian eggs are required for the human organ cloning industry worth $30 trillion annually for western economies when fully implemented.

I understand the privacy concerns as you expressed, but could you let Nigerians appreciate what are your worst fears with regard to what anyone could do with these data.  I would appreciate real life examples of what has already happen that gives you chills? 

Let’s use examine the agricultural sector where similar data was acquired from small-holder farmers in 2012 under the Growth   Enhancement   Support   Scheme   (GESS).  The official stated goal  of  this  scheme  is  to  provide  subsidized  agricultural inputs, such as fertilizers, hybrid seeds and agro-chemicals to farmers, to remove the usual  complexities  associated  with  input  distribution  in  order  to  increase  farmers’ productivity, income and promote food security. The data collected included personal, biometric and GSM phones (electronic-wallets). The main proponent was Dr Akinwumi Adesina, the then minister of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) with funding support from an international foundation.  Let us fast-forward to today. The goal of the GESS was never achieved. They destroyed Nigerian agriculture, with over six million small-holder farmers displaced into IDP camps. Deadly records shown that between 2015-2018, 37,500 small-holder farmers and their families were killed, of which 32,000 or 85% were Muslims while 5,500 or 15% were Christians. Where is the purported Islamization? What is remarkable is that both Muslim and Christian farmers killed were natural seed growers in their communities in the northeast, and at the time were supplying other farmers with natural seeds.

Are you saying some individuals had anything to do with the deaths of the 37,500 farmers and the over six million displaced IDPs? How is this possible?  

The specific roles of individuals remain a matter for criminal investigations. However, it is clear that, the global goal of the architects of the GESS programme was to take over the food security of Nigeria and not to improve Nigerian agricultural sector. They sought to replace all natural seeds for staple foods grown in the Northeast food basket of Nigeria with genetically modified crops (GMOs), which is euphemistically called “hybrid seeds” and “improved seeds.” This would mean that the GMO seeds planted in Nigeria for our major staple foods like cassava, beans, rice, yam, potatoes and plantain were to be obtained as genetically modified by biotechnology companies. The say that their so-called Golden rice contains vitamin A but the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) categorically says it does not. They say that their tuber crops – cassava, yam, plantain, potatoes contain nutrients and protein but their scientists retracted their published works acknowledging with apologies that was a scientific hoax.     In fact, should Nigeria purchase the GMO seeds for staple foods it would cost 30 billion US Dollars every planting season, the entire value of our oil sales at its peak will be spent on buying GMO seeds for food. The natural seed grower farmers were the competitive threat to their business in Nigeria, and the main obstacle to the takeover Nigerian food security. This is the reason for killing all seed growers in the Northeast, both Muslims and Christians.

These are very serious allegations against the biotechnology firms as those who engineered the killing of farmers in the Northeast.

The mainstream western media has been totally manipulative and their assertions inconsistent with data. Lets take for example the Fulanization issue. In states like Zamfara, 60% of the dead farmers are Hausa and 40% are Fulani, so would Fulanis murder their own, or would Islamists be killing Muslims? It is easy nowadays to get mercenaries who tie the Fulani turban and wear their kaftans with AK-47 rifles. They go raiding villages and killing farmers. The killings were planned before hand with specific targets. They so-called Boko Haram mercenaries have sophisticated Mobile phone with GPS guided mapping systems with coordinated targets to the biometric data of each farmer. They need to eliminate and burn the barns and natural seed stores. The other farmers with no skills on local seed preservation techniques are driven into IDP camps and later resettled with the ‘improved seeds’ from NGOs as proxies of the biotechnology companies.

How do you see this conflict that will bring about the killing of the medical personnel? Do you have real life examples?

We already know the model they are playing out and we have been following it since 2015. They are building it up as a professional feud between doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others. In 2015, precisely on Wednesday January, 20th a popular pharmacist Cletus Ternenge Labe from Gboko in Benue State was murdered in cold blood by gunmen reportedly by a team of six with four who attacked him while the others were in the red Toyota getaway car. Pharmacist Cletus Ternenge Labe was the proprietor of the La-Bet Pharmaceuticals at Bristow roundabout at Gboko town. He was tracked by an emergency phone call en-route to his pharmacy and murdered there at his office. He hailed from the Tiv community. At first, there was rumor that this may be related to a feud between him and the doctors association, which accused him of treating patients beyond his competence. This was an unfounded rumor because residents testified that he merely subsidized drugs to the indigent people. Further investigations revealed that the assassination squad was part of Boko Haram gangs operational in the area who frequently exchanged gun battle with the police. However, the rumor that it was a professional feud kick started a hunt for doctors in the area who quickly all went into hiding fearing for their lives. The Boko Haram gangs hunted for them to kill them. It was feared that the threat to the lives of the doctors in the area could be the start of a tit-for-tat murder spray that could see the entire health workers of the region wiped put at the same time under a false made-up professional feud started by Boko Haram and their sponsors using international press TV networks.

Doctor, I must say this is scary stuff. But finally, could you itemize what you want the government to do?

First, government should immediately put a stop to any data collection by any NGOs from private hospitals and even from the regulatory council data bases, because the data collection violates the privacy the constitutional fundamental human rights  


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